About Us

At Pure Utopia we understand the importance of taking time out in today’s demanding world. We believe that it is not just a luxury, but rather an essential to achieve optimum health for the body and mind.
5 good reasons to take time out and experience the Pure Utopia difference.

In today’s busy society we usually forget how important it is to take time out for ourselves, which leaves us feeling tired, stressed and run down.

At Pure utopia we understand. That is why we have created an urban retreat where we are committed to providing you with the ultimate experience to relax & rejuvenate the body mind and soul.

We believe that this is your time. We will do all we can to make sure your treatment has fulfilled all of your relaxation needs.

1. Your treatment is never rushed. At Pure Utopia we limited the amount of booking we take in a day, allowing us extra time to make sure your every need is provided for. We also have a no waiting policy, All appointments are scheduled so when arrive you can walk straight in and relax!

2. We take the time to discuss your needs. How you feel is important to us. We find out exactly what you want achieve from your treatment

3. We then tailor the treatment especially for you, to ensure we meet all your individual needs.

4. Your treatment is your time to relax. During your treatment we never chatter, leave you unattended or interrupt your treatment to attend to anything else- it is completely your time to relax and enjoy.

5. Pure Utopia is all about YOU if you are not completely satisfied with your treatment we offer you a money back guarantee! Making us Kellyville’s leading day spa and beauty salon

When you have experienced Pure Utopia, you will understand the importance of allowing yourself time to maintain your optimum wellbeing. We look forward to helping YOU achieve this wellbeing each and every time you visit. From the moment you book your first treatment, you are about to embark on a relaxing and rejuvenating journey to your very own pure utopia!